Stouff Beirut – An inspired Lebanese – Mediterranean cuisine restaurant crafted with fire. Offering a delectable selection of artisanal butchery and Lebanese mezze, slow-cooked over an open fire to enhance the flavors.


Stouff offers a unique experience that is focused on creativity, comfort, and hospitality, and we always invite our guests to be at the center of the action, in a beautifully designed, sophisticated, and royal-like ambiance that turns you on every time you visit.

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Stouff's Menu is entirely curated of authentic from-scratch creative recipes.  Extreme attention to detail is extended on every preparation to make sure that every dish an original. This diligence is strictly maintained right from sourcing the ingredients (spices , vegetables , meat cuts) up to the final plating


Signature meat tartars and wood- fire oven baked fresh breads will make the perfect start to a great dining experience. Cured and marinated exquisite pieces of meat, poultry, and seafood, slow cooked over an open wood-fire, imbued with the scent of the charcoal and spices in each element. Our signature all-homemade sweets will leave a delicious sweet note.


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