About Us


Stouff is the traditional method of referring to wood or charcoal-fired cook stove in the Beirut highlands, which is frequently used for cooking and heating meals in rural homes. Meals are more flavorful and delicious when they are cooked over wood. The scent of food cooked on a wood-burning stove adds to the excitement before it reaches the plate. The most essential thing is to bring authentic flavours and recipes to the table.


Open Fire Cooking

Stouff Beirut's concept is to provide the experience of eating together while tasting elevated flavours cooked in an open fire kitchen.


About the Chef

Sharbel Akki - Chef & Co-Founder

Passion and respect for food are two of the core values of Stouff Beirut Executive Chef, Mr. Sharbel

Akiki, is the person behind the beautiful idea of the Stouff Beirut kitchen Sharbel's Kharouf Beirut was the first lamb restaurant in Lebanon and has developed a solid reputation as a leading provider of beef and lamb products in Lebanon throughout time.


As meat and food processing specialist, Sharbel is constantly eager to contribute his experience, knowledge, skills, ideas, and efforts in order to better serve the end-users and grow this business.